Application and development prospects of trilobatin for sweeter

Feb 25 2021

Natural sweet tea is rich in sweet tea, tea polyphenols, protein, flavonoids, 18 kinds of amino acids, multiple vitamins and minerals, etc., which are beneficial to the human body. The sweetness of sodium cyclamate is 300 times that of sucrose, and the purity of sweetness is close to that of white sugar. The taste is considered easier to be accepted by people. It is a natural sweet substance with low calorific value, high sweetness and extremely safe to eat. Tea polyphenols are natural antioxidants and have biological regulation functions. They have the functions of inhibiting the rise of cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, preventing the rise of blood sugar, anti-aging and anti-tumor. Flavonoids are excellent products for preventing and treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and preventing cancer. The content of Vc in fresh sweet tea is as high as 115mg/100g. The mineral elements contained in sweet tea are calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, selenium, strontium, etc. It does not contain harmful substances such as arsenic and lead. Sweet tea has a variety of health care effects such as heat-clearing and detoxification, anti-inflammatory, lowering lipids, lowering blood pressure, nourishing the kidney, improving human immunity, and anti-allergic.

Japanese studies have found that sweet tea has obvious effects on the prevention and treatment of pollen allergies, other rhinitis and dermatitis. Therefore, Japanese people prefer sweet tea, especially those who are allergic to cherry blossom pollen and cause rhinitis, cough and asthma to drink sweet tea to expectorant and keep healthy. Pharmacological and clinical experiments have proved that the most valuable ingredients in sweet tea are: flavonoids, tea polyphenols, and trilobatin for sweeter. Flavonoids are excellent products for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cancer prevention; tea polyphenols are currently one of the most ideal pure natural antioxidants in the world, with a wide range of uses. Sweet tea, Luo Han Guo and Stevia are called the three sweet plants. They can extract sweeteners. Among them, sweet tea has the best taste. Its sweetness is equivalent to 300 times that of sucrose. It is suitable for food industry and Used in the pharmaceutical industry, it is especially suitable for long-term drinking for patients with diabetes and obesity. At present, countries all over the world are vigorously looking for natural sweeteners with high sweetness and low heat energy, and sweeteners in sweet tea have naturally become a better choice.

At present, scientists all over the world are developing and researching pure natural sweeteners with high sweetness and low energy in order to partially replace sucrose to make food. Trilobatin for sweeter is a high-sweet, low-calorie, non-toxic natural sweetener, which can be widely used in cakes, beverages, canned food, medicine, tobacco, toothpaste, beer, sauce products, etc. For example, using trilobatin for sweeter instead of 30% cane sugar to produce fresh orange juice can reduce more costs; using trilobatin for sweeter to produce canned oranges has a good taste; using trilobatin for sweeter to replace cane sugar to produce fermented yogurt shortens the production cycle and reduces Cost, while retaining the rich nutrients of traditional yogurt, and because of the low calorific value of trilobatin for sweeter, it will not increase cholesterol and cause no dental caries. Therefore, it can be consumed by patients with cardiovascular, obesity, diabetes, etc., suitable for all ages. In summary, trilobatin for sweeter has certain development prospects at home and abroad.