What are the specific applications of Citrus Fiber

Nov 07 2020

Citrus Fiber

Citrus Fiber is a dietary fiber extracted from natural citrus. It is not easy to be digested and absorbed by the human body. It has good water retention, oil retention and gel properties, and can reduce calories; and makes the product have a rich and smooth taste, which is ideal Fat substitute.


1. Yogurt: Reduce/replace the use of gelatin and other additives to increase natural appeal; strong water-holding performance, prevent whey precipitation, enhance taste, increase consistency, and bring a smooth feeling like fat.
2. Juice/Smoothie: The consistency and viscosity of the juice can be precisely adjusted to make the juice with low original juice taste like the juice with the plateau juice content to bring a fleshy feeling; it does not cover the flavor and aroma of the juice; it does not stick to the mouth.

3. Salad dressing/tomato sauce/mayonnaise: It can keep the taste and stability of low-fat salad dressing (8%~25% fat) without losing the taste and stability of high-fat products, which can reduce the use of ketchup puree; accurately adjust the consistency; It replaces additives and colloids, does not gelatinize, does not live, and does not cover the flavor.

4. Ice cream/popsicle/ice cream: It can replace the functions of colloids and emulsifiers to bring fat full, smooth, non-sticky taste; effectively delay the melting speed of ice cream and ice cream to prevent ice crystals after thawing and then freezing .