What does citrus extract do?| citrus bergamot extract

Jul 23 2021

What does citrus extract do
The main raw materials of citrus extracts are tangerines, chamomile and other sweet oranges. The main chemical components include isoflavones, carotene and other glycerol sugars, lipids and other substances. It has many functions on the human body. What is the effect of citrus extract?
The effect and effect of citrus extract on the human body is embodied in that it can help and has an anti-cancer effect, because some of the vitamin A components can keep your body away from cancer factors and cancer bacteria, so it can act as a good antibody Effect. And citrus extract can also help yourself, the digestive system and urinary system have a good peristalsis, stimulate gastrointestinal digestion, and increase appetite. Citrus is a relatively mild, sweet and sour fruit. If you often eat citrus extracts, it is easy to maintain a good life interest for everyone.
The above article is about the question of what effect citrus extract has. Through the understanding of the above article, everyone knows that the effect and efficacy of citrus extract are still very much. Here I will add one more point for everyone. Compared with female friends, it can also promote It has good effects on beauty, anti-stretch marks, anti-wrinkles and other skin diseases. You can try to buy such a good extract for health care.
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