• Naringenin
CAS:  480-41-1
Specification:  ≥98%
Appearance:  yellowish-white powder
Solubility:  Soluble in ethanol, diethyl ether
and benzene, slightly soluble in water
Melting Point:  247~250℃
Packing details:  PE bag and alumin-
um foil bag, 25 kg/barrel


Naringenin is a kind of natural flavonoid compounds, widely existing in the pomelo of rutaceous plants. It mainly comes from naringin with the functions of anti-microbial, anti-inflammation, anti-oxidant, preventing cough and eliminating phlegm, decreasing blood fat, anti-tumor and anti-cancer, spasmolysis, scavenging free radical, preventing and treating liver diseases, anti-platelet clotting, anti-atherosclerotic of arteries etc., widely used in the food, pharmaceutical and healthcare product industry etc.


Naringenin can be widely used in medicine and food as flavor modifier and sweetness enhancer.


FEMA GRAS #4797 included as flavor.

Application Tips

FEMA GRAS  recommend average usual use levels (ppm): diary products 100-300,frozen food 200-350, beverage 100-200.