Golden Health is a leading biotechnology company of intensive processing high value-added ingredients from agricultural products and herb. Founded in 2013 in Guangdong, China, Golden Health has a strong PhD. team in scientific research and innovation with solid manufacturing experience. The company provides a wealth of product solutions that contribute to its customers' competitiveness and productivity in multiple industries worldwide such as Food, Beverage, Nutrition, Feed, Pharmaceuticals, Personal care etc.
Golden Health products fit health (Clean Label, Sugar replacement, Fat replacement, Gluten free), ethical (Vegan) and religious (Kosher, Halal) requirements. All of our products undergo rigorous internal quality controls and comply with the strictest quality regulations.




We focus on agriculture and sideline products 100% utilization. We collect raw material from the growers and process with bio-extraction and patented technology to get the maximum functional maximum functional value for functional food,feed, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and health products. We are always keen on innovations to projects to cooperate with the global leading companies and continue to enlarge the market share worldwide.


our core project 100% utilization of citrus; Enzyme fermentation; Sweet Tea extract; Epimedium Extract series;


ISO22000 certificate, KOSHER certificate, HALAL Certificate, FAMI-QS, SC certificate, QS FEEDS.