• Glucosyl hesperidin
Glucosyl Hesperidin, also known as Enzymatically Modified Hesperidin, is a water-soluble hesperidin derivative. On the basis of maintaining the original bioactivity of hesperidin, its water solubility has been greatly improved, and it is widely used in food, health care products and cosmetics.

Appearance: yellowish powder
Solubility in water: >200g/L
Packing Specifications: 1kg/bag,10kg/bag,

High water solubility
Improves blood flow
A Key skin-care ingredient


1 Used in food:
It can soften the sweet taste and enhance flavor of food when used with high intensity sweeteners such as NHDC.

2 Used in cosmetics:
By promoting blood circulation, help to remove dullness and edema of skin, dark circles and bags under the eyes. It is widely used in moisturizing lotion, face cream, facial mask, eye cream. Besides, it is applicable to bath products due to its warming effect.

3 Used in medicine and health care products:
Glucosyl hesperidin has good biological activity and health care function, and has the effects of improving rheumatic symptoms, reducing blood ester and improving hypertension.


1  Included in List of Cosmetic Ingredients Used in China (2015 edition).

2  Included in Japan's Specifications and Standards for Food Additives(the 9th edition).

3  Included in the Korean food additives catalogue as a natural food additive.


Addition amount to cosmetics and toiletries: 0.5%-1%.