• Phloretin
Phloretin is extracted from apples, pears and other fruit peel and root bark of chalcone. It is pearl white crystalline powder, without moisture absorption. Ploretin is a natural skin lightener which can be widely used in skin care products. It also has a good perfermance on flavor enhance and bitterness  masking especially working with NHDC (neohesperidin dihydrochalcone).


1. Flavor modifier 
Phloretin can modify unpleasent flavor in food,flavors or sweeteners.And mask bitternessor other uncomfortable taste. 

2. Skin whitening
To inhibit tyrosinase activity and melanin precioition, whitening skin.It has a significant synergistic effect with arbutin or kojic acid,and greatly increase tyrosinase inhibition.

3. Tender skin
With a strong anti-oxidation function, phloretin can remove free radicals,prevent aging, prevent cell mutation, accelerate cell metabolism, reduce wrinkles, increase skin support structure,enhance skin immunity to UV light.

4. Treatment of acne and moisturizing.

5. Food seasoning: food spices.