Introduction to Neohesperidin

Sep 18 2021


Neohesperidin, extracted from lime peel. Naringin and neohesperidin with a bitter taste are opened by alkali and then hydrogenated under palladium catalysis to obtain naringin dihydrochalcone and neohesperidin dihydrochalcone. The production cost is relatively high, and it is often used in beverages. The relationship between dihydrochalcone molecular structure and sweetness value):
(1) The R group connected to C-7 in dihydrochalcone is a glycosyl group (new hesperidin, which is abbreviated as Neo or glucosyl, etc.), and there is at least one hydroxyl group on the benzene ring connected to C-2 , The molecule meets these two conditions at the same time to have sweetness;
(2) The sweetness of neohesperidin dihydrochalcone (the sweetness of 1000) is higher than that of naringin dihydro if C-4' is connected to the alkoxy group on the right side of the benzene ring. Chalcone (500~700 sweetness) is much higher.

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