Trilobatin supplier | What is trilobatin

Sep 18 2021


Trilobatin is a natural dihydrochalcone sweetener extracted from the plant of Duo Suike (Sweet Laiyan Chatouhong). It is a light yellow crystalline powder, non-hygroscopic, and easily soluble in hot water and ethanol. , Slightly soluble in cold water.
The natural sweetener is the main sweetness component of the young leaves of the saccharum vulgare. It is a natural sweetener with high sweetness and low calories. The sweetness is more than 300 times that of sucrose. Fagaceae Quercus is an evergreen plant in the Fagaceae family. It is distributed in the wild in the low mountain and dense forests in the provinces south of the Yangtze River at an altitude of more than 400m, especially in Jiangxi, Guangxi, Hunan, Anhui and other provinces with abundant resources. ; Guangdong, Yunnan, Sichuan and other provinces are the next, and the Wuyi Mountain at the junction of Jiangxi and Fujian has the most resources and the most extensive respectively. Trilobatin has been shown to have the activity of inhibiting the key enzymes of diabetes (α-glucosidase and α-amylase) and antioxidant properties. It is a precious plant with three functions of tea, sugar and medicine. .

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