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Golden Health is a leading biotechnology company of intensive processing high value-added ingredient, such as hesperetin, neohesperidine, phloretin, naringin, citrus fiber, Epimedium Extract, etc.

Apple Extract Phlorizin

Pure Apple Extract,95%-98% Phlorizin, 75%,80% Poly

Homoeriodyctiol sodium salt | trilobatin for food flavorings

Product Name: (-)-homoeriodyctiol sodium salt

HOMOERIODICTYOL,trilobatin for food flavorings

Product Name:Homoeriodictyol CAS. No.:446-71-9

Food Flavor Bitter Masking Ingredient | bitter masking flavor

Product Name: Bitter taste Masking Ingredient Col

Ashwagandha Extract

Ashwagandha Extract With Aftertaste Removed  

Stevia RA40%

Stevia RA40% aftertaste improved